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Aaron Martin Achievement Program.

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Aaron Martin Achievement Program

I. Goal of the program: To merge academics and athletics to help children become responsible and productive adult members of  their community.
II. Foundation of the Program:
  1. Academics - emphasizing improvement.
  2. Attendance - 80% attendance during the season.
  3. Attitude - An opportunity to display good sportsmanship and commitment to the game of soccer.
  4. Skill - There are 4 levels. The first two are to develop basic playing skills. The third is designed to enhance the individual player's skills. The fourth is the obstacle course to measure a players level of improvement. The player should be ready for play on a competitive travel team.
III. How the Program is Implemented:
  1. Practicing Skills during school recesses or physical education class.
    • "Dribble, Pass, and Shoot" Objective: Accuracy and endurance in kicking. The player aims for specific spots in the "goal" on the wall from points on the ground in hexagon, pentagon, square, rhombus, triangle, or octagon patterns that are  from 6 to 36 yards from the wall. He/she volleys with the wall for a set time. As time and distance increase so does the players stamina, control and accuracy.
  2. "Ball and Wall"
    • Objective: To develop accuracy in kicking. The player aims at a specific spot on the wall from a specific distance. The wall has academic information (math, science, language, etc.) that is age appropriate. After a certain period of time the player is tested on academic information.
  3. After School
    • Objective: To increase skill level in a short period of time. This game is played with a team of six  and one substitute. The players rotate positions (similar to volleyball) every 5 minutes during the hour game, allowing them to offensive, defensive, and goalie skills, thus becoming a more well-rounded player. Three games can be going at once on a traditional football field with only one adult supervising.
  4. School Team
    • Play other local schools after school or before a football game.
    • Local Travel Team- This recreational soccer season consists of 10 games (after school) plus 3 jamborees and 1 tournament on Saturdays each a season.
  5. Soccer Obstacle Course - All of the basic skills necessary to be a well rounded player is tested in this unique and exciting competition.
  6. Regional Travel Team - Consists of the skilled and committed soccer players. The team will play in a larger geographic area.
IV. Benefits of the Program:
  1. Tangible:
    • Recognition for completing the different levels of involvement in the form of patches, trophies, monogrammed shirts, etc.
  2. Scholarships for post high school education. 
    • The amount awarded will depend on the individuals level of soccer participation and commitment, as well as their academic improvement.
  3. Intangible:
    • Increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and a stronger sense of accountability, commitment, and responsibility.
V. Program Funding
  1. Parents
  2. Local Churches
  3. Corporate and Individual Sponsors
  4. City Government 
  5. School
  6. Aaron Martin Endowment Fund Supplement 3Ring Soccer and AMA.

Contact Patrick for more information.