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Wednesday, December 31st



Open To The Public


From Mizzell's Landing (west on Dallas 246/Nix Ferry Rd from Sparkman) down to Tate's Bluff (where the Missouri and Ouachita rivers meet). Dining at the Postmaster's Grill afterwards.


Starting mid-March 2012 till Labor Day Weekend.


We do 3 sets of three races --- 11am-2pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm.

1) Quarter mile paddle for time.

2) Figure-8 skill.

3) 12 canoes/100 yard sprint to the finish line(handicapped by the previous 2 races.)

These three races take a 90 minute period to run.

Block party starts which is two hundred yards from the Camden River landing. Block party and chess played in the restaurants along with other inside and outside games during the summer.

Contact Patrick for more info.

$5.00 per person to race
$10.00 to rent canoe
Canoe rentals are limited to the first 8 canoes.
You may bring your own canoe (no racing canoes or motors allowed)
Horseshoes - $25 per two person team

(For Race) All participants must...
1. Be able to swim (will sign release).
2. Wear life jacket.
3. Event organizers reserve the right to disqualify and has final say in all matters.

Horeshoes will be based on standard horseshoes rules.
Awards will be given to top 3 canoes & tournament teams.